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Wakaduze Wapa 

1 Best Puppy



 Wakaduze Wapa 


CIE'18, BECH'18, BEJCH'17, LUXJCH'16

Alliance De La Vie Fox And Hound 


 Red Raisins Bayard for Alliance




Hedera's for Alliance 


 Littleriver's Lapland Hunter
 Hedera's Unique Pearl


Dt.Ch. (VDH) Dt. Vet.Ch. (DRC & VDH) Dewberry's Dual Ayita Paychi 



River Duck's Zephyr Min Ogonsten 

 Int. Ch., German Champion (VDH & DRC), German Vet.Ch. (DRC & VDH) Objibwa's Paya-Kuta YaG



Alliance de la Vie The Dream Lives On  



Glendermacki Red Cragg 


 Sh.Ch. Trevargh The Entertainer at Brizewood

 Rubyron Mekwe'k E'pit at Dinaskarrek

Alliance de la Vie Mignon's Sita 

 CAN LUX NL D-VHD CH Beinnbhreagh's Great Pleasure
 Ned. Kamp. Winster 2006 Alliance de la vie Amitié Mignon

Wakaduze Skoo

Can Ch Caltansis Takes 2 2 Tango 


Am/Can GCh Readyfor Going

To The Max

Can Ch Anando Copper Calamity 

Can Ch Readyfor Cajun

Purdy Gurl


Can Ch Caltansis 15 Sage

Advice Tips

Can Ch Bernache's Liard of Caltansis 

Brilliance of Great Pleasure 

Wakaduze Hapon JWW'12 



 Int Bv Ch Narod Aroona at Wakaduze EW09

Decoymans Swedish Design

Narod Nereid

SK Ch Whispering Reed's Hutamya  at Wakaduze 

Int Ch Axaluca of Great Pleasure

Eden Flower of Great Pleasure

Date of Birth 24/02/2018


Optigen PRA: Hereditarily Clear

Optigen CEA: Hereditarily Clear

DM: Hereditarily Clear

DE: Hereditarily Clear

JADD: Hereditarily Clear